Blooper Bundle

Blooper Bundle

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A zipper pouch filled with approx 10-13 products. The other products may be slightly wonky but still usable and in need of a good home! All sales are final. 

Note: If you purchase more than one bundle, you will receive some duplicates but we can guarantee up to five unique zipper pouches.

Each blooper bundle will include a washi tape. There is nothing wrong with the washi, it is just an overstock.


Example: a package of embellishments has some pieces damaged.

Example: a sticker sheet with an edge or a few stickers bent while the rest is usable. 

Example: a set of wood chips that have one or two pieces scratched/broken while the rest are usable.



Some of our TNs got a little banged up in our warehouse; we are offering them at a steep discount! All TNs are still functional, they just have minor aesthetic bloopers.

If you purchase one, the pattern will be random and if you purchase more than one, you may receive duplicate patterns (we will try to give you different patterns if supply allows us to do so). 

Note: All sales are final.

Example: smudge/dirt marks along outside. 

Example: small scratches in the pleather.